Elder Hyrum Snell

Elder Hyrum Snell

Friday, November 18, 2016

08/04/16- Home Again!!!

08/01/16- My Final Thoughts

Well, this is it... The last email of my mission. I can't believe that it's already here. It seems like literally yesterday I hit my year mark on the mission, and last month I went into the MTC. Don't EVER let time slip past you, but make the most of all the time that you have. Time goes faster than it seems. So don't let a second pass you by without enjoying it. That is the "precious present" as President Foote talked with us about yesterday. The precious present that we can give ourselves is exactly that--the present. The now. But anyway, I'm going to talk a bit about my last thoughts. Not a really long email, but here goes.

President Foote counseled us yesterday to be a missionary even when we get home. He told us to change our clothes, and that's it. Keep the same clean, modest, and respectful look throughout the rest of our lives. So that is one thing that I will continue to do, and that is to be a missionary, despite the lack of a badge, so I can be worthy of Christ's name that I have covenanted to take upon myself.
Ending my mission and looking back, I can honestly say that I have no regrets. I have wishes of things to do or not to do, but I regret nothing. This is because I have done all that I can to constantly improve and grow and do better throughout my mission. Obviously I'm not perfect. But I am perfect at trying to improve. But one of my wishes is to be able to bear my testimony of the Restoration to all people, Malagasy and the like. I would bear testimony that I know that the church is true, and that this is the Restored Church of the Savior Jesus Christ, which He established here on the earth. I know that He runs it, through living apostles and prophets who have power and authority to speak in His name. And I want every one of you to know that these things are those that I believe and know to be true, through the power of the Holy Ghost which has worked upon my heart since I came into this world. These principles have changed me, through that holy and sacred power, and I know that they come from God. Please know that I feel with all my heart that these things are true. I know these because God has changed my heart through the application of these principles and truths in my daily life.
My parting words to all of you would be that I love you all. I know God loves you. He knows you personally, and He wants you to be happy. Every single thing He does is to make you better, stronger, and more capable of becoming who you can become. His work and His glory is not just your immortality, but the achievement of your full potential. Always remember that. And remember that I know that this work is God's work. I know it to be true. I really do know it.

Christ lives. He loves you. And He wants you to be happy. I would encourage each and every one of you to follow Him and be saved through His Atonement. I know that these things are true. God and Christ live and love us. But not just us in general, but they love YOU. Always remember that. This is my testimony and knowledge that I give to you all--for you to know and use as you will--and do so amin'ny anaran'i Jesoa Kristy, amena.

Elder Snell